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Use K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG Reseller Servers to easily build your hosting business in Saudi Arbia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and of course Kuwait– and boost your profits and be your own boss with K®.

As low as 50.00SAR/mo

Reseller Hosting

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100 SAR/M Regularly 120 SAR       Buy Now

200 SAR/M Regularly 240 SAR       Buy Now

350 SAR/M Regularly 420SAR       Buy Now

Well Say Hi to K® (Kenzie) Reseller Hosting.

K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG’s Reseller Hosting’s business automation tools provides everything you need to start and run your web hosting and domain business without needed office to rent or even leave your own home.. BE YOUR OWN BOSSPower to 2U 2, “I say.”

K® will be your all-in-one hosting solution right from the confort of your home, that’s Power of K®.

Save time by automating the operations and daily tasks of running your web hosting business. And do it all – from one portal, all under the same roof.

It’s Your rules and, Your way… “NO ONE GIVES YOU this Power in the hosting industry.

K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG has got you covered all STEP of THE WAY, with flexible HOSTiNG tools to control pricing, payment options, invoicing, configure hosting plans, manage support tickets and more, and if you want K® Can manage all your customer Sales, Billing and Technical Support 24/7x 365 days a year while you concentrate on your reseller hosting business and growth.

All Our plans include

1-clickinstall apps
99.9% UptimeGuarantee
easy-to-usecontrol panel
TransferWebsite & Domain
30 DayMoney Back
24/7/365Premium Support

what our customers say

Give clients superior hosting with fraction of the price.

For better performance – and better security – than any other shared-hosting reseller program, go with K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG Reseller Hosting today you worth it.

Choose the Reseller Hosting plan that’s right for you wisely.


All K®’s Reseller Hosting plans include:

WHMCS & cPanel

  • Free integrated WHMCS license.
  • Free cPanel/WHM.
  • Up to 250 white-labelled ready accounts.

Unlimited everything (and 24/7x 365 support)

  • Unlimited websites and databases.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Expert 24/7x 365 customer support.

Your all-in-one hosting solution.

  • SSL certificate free for the life of the plan.
  • Reseller-enabled K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG domains.

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K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG Reseller Hosting, powered by WHMCS.

K® WHMCS simplifies and automates operating your hosting reselling business.

  • Create custom hosting packages based on fully configurable k® resources.
  • Accept payments though all popular payment processors – in multiple currencies around Gulf.
  • Get paid with automated invoicing, payment reminders, or place service holds for non-payment of the service.
  • Automatically display your hosting plans on your branded storefront – choose from dozens of professionally-in-house-designed templates.
  • Define your pricing options to get paid the way you want; be it a time purchase, subscription, term discounts or even free trials Just the way you like it.
  • Get customer profiles and reporting on monthly revenue, forecasting, and paid – or outstanding – hosting invoices.


From any type of malicious software, including viruses, designed to damage or disable your computer, server or network within Saudi Arabia and around Gulf region of worldwide is also included meaning it could be from anywhere around the globe and doesn’t meant just Gulf region!


You don’t really need to be a rocket science” As the name implies, it captures and locks down your system until you pay the person who created it. That’s really scarry heh but don’t worry our in-house email security engineers are here 24/7365 to protect your network infrastructure and your reputation.


Here’s the well-known Counterfeit emails that comes into your inbox and deceptively asks you to provide your password, credit card info, etc. They normally pretend they are your bank or one of the government departments tell you’re your account is locked because of suspicious access and ask you to click the link to login ouchhh…

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Further email security explained by our email security engineers.

While most website and eCommerce web owners aren’t aware of these email-born threats in some degree, we at K® are of course — and our advance email security engineers protects you against each and every one of them 24/7/365. Such as see below…

K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG customer care.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is K® Reseller Hosting different than the K® Basic/ K® Pro Reseller programs?

The K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller programs and Reseller Hosting are intended for different types of resellers and customers. With the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller programs, your customers use a white-labelled K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG storefront and shopping cart to make their purchases. K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG processes the payments on our payment servers and delivers your commission. With K® Reseller Hosting Server, you have more control of how you sell your services and how you bill your customers. You sell through your own storefront and process your customers’ payments directly. At this time, the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller Programs and K® Reseller Hosting are not integrated. That means you can’t manage customers that go through the white-label storefront from the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller Programs in K® Reseller Hosting Server.

What is the buy rate that comes with K® Reseller Hosting and is it different than the buy rates for K® Basic or K® Pro?

The buy rate for resellers using K® Reseller Hosting is the same as the buy rates for the K® Pro Reseller Program. However, with K® Reseller Hosting, you can only resell domains and hosting. If you’re interested in selling more of K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG’s products, you would need to sign up for the K® Basic or K® Pro Hosting Reseller Program.

What is the business hosting platform Reseller Hosting is built on K®?

K® Business Hosting is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution that delivers the same power and performance as a VPS without the need of server administration. You get all the RAM, CPU and bandwidth you need without having to be an IT pro to manage your server. Unlike a shared hosting platform, Business Hosting provides more consistent performance and better security with dedicated memory and disk-space resources so your customers websites aren’t affected by activities on other resellers’ customers’ websites.

Does Reseller Hosting include the white-label storefront that comes with the K® Basic or K® Pro Reseller Hosting?

Unfortunately, NO. K® Reseller Hosting is meant for resellers who want more control of what they sell, how they sell it and how their customers pay. Resellers using K® Reseller Hosting sell their products and any packages they create on their own storefront, then bill or process customer payments directly using their own merchant accounts or payment gateways.

With K® Reseller Hosting, who will provide customer service to my customers K®?

As a reseller on K® Reselling Hosting, you’ll provide your own expert customer service if you prefer or we can take care of from Sales to Billing and Technical Support 24/7x 365 days a year.

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