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Linux SSD 1

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Full Root Access

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250 Mbit/s

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Our affordable VPS performance without compromises

SSD VMware cloud-powered virtualisation VPS designed to meet the demands of the most demanding projects in the world.


Data centre choice

Host your VPS in the optimum location by choosing from our data centres in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UK, USA and Europe. Spin up a server in 50 seconds.

Uptime guaranteed

99.9% uptime will keep our Kingdom and Gulf start-up entrepreneurs, Corporate and Elite businesses project online and result in fewer outages.


Unlimited traffic

Our Data Centres will not throttle or restrict your traffic at any time – ever and that’s 110% guaranteed that’s the beauty of K® VPS Hosting.

Full VMware virtualisation

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF virtual private servers rely only on our full VMware virtualization – giving you more power, isolation, autonomy, and security than other virtualization types within Saudi Arabia, Doha, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, Muscat, Oman, Manama, Bahrain, City of Kuwait, Kuwait and Middle East.

Here You Can Choose your powerful SSD VPS Server

  Dedicated resources just for your needs

  Plesk and Linux Web Host Edition included

  Unlimited traffic for your peace of mind

VPS HOSTiNG updates: With K® you will enjoy lower base prices and memory-optimised packages designed for the Kingdom and Gulf Elite’s (Cream De La Cream)

Secure VPS hosting

From redundant server storage networks, with backup solutions and class of its own firewall rules, to access and data transfer – everything is designed for your maximum VPS server security.

State of the Art Certified infrastructure

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF own data centres are among the safest and most modern in the world today, with ISO 27001 US, UK and Europe certification alongside our own commitment to the highest levels of uptime backed by 100% Guarantee.

Wildcard SSL Saudi Gulf

Free for life SSL encryption

For the best possible website protection of your data and maximum reassurance for your web users, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is included in all K®’s VPS packages withing the Kingdom, Gulf and Middle East regions.

World-Class Firewall management

Our external firewall automatically protects you from any attacks. Individual firewall rules can also be set centrally in the K® (KENZIE) OF SAUDI GULF HOSTING by K® Cloud Panel.

DDoS protection

Our own global scrubbing protects you and your customers Data against DDoS and sustained high-bandwidth attacks by diverting suspect traffic to our scrubbing Data centres – mitigating the entire threat and protecting your online and server infrastructure.

K®-Click Backups

For an additional fee, you can back-up your online data with an industry-leading solution from Acronis.

Award-Winning 24/7 Expert Support

If an issue arises any given time, our in-house server engineers and experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will get your issue solved fast and minimising any downtime thats the price of worth paying for your VPS in the Kingdom, Gulf and Middle East.

Linux Operating systems and distributions

Discover the absolute ideal operating system for your own virtual private server.

Windows Operating systems and distributions

Discover the absolute ideal operating system for your own virtual private server.

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

VPS Server use cases

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF VPS comes with unlimited traffic and full VMware virtualisation making it ideal for a variety of uses such as small, medium, large size businesses in the Kingdom, Gulf and Middle East.


For Education and training

Interested in web design and development? Our Linux VPS Servers are the perfect playground for computer science students withing Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Middle East or anyone else interested in learning web and application development.

Game private servers

You can use K®’s VPS Server for gaming servers, but you’ll need to limit the number of players sometimes. If you’re interested in hosting more demanding games, you should choose our Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Server.

WordPress VPS Server

If you’re more tech-savvy like some of us or want more control over your WordPress or Ecommerce you can easily adapt our blazing VPS to your WP needs. The beauty of advanced customisation that a VPS provides will give you more flexibility, Scalability, and control over your settings.

VPS for eCommerce

For those within the Kingdom and Gulf region with root server knowledge, powering your online eCommerce shop with a virtual private server is an affordable way to guarantee eCommerce visitor performance and improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Small business use

Setting up a virtual server for your small to large business and to customise your web security, host multiple domains or improve your website’s loading times in the face of increasing traffic never been easier.

Testing new web apps

Our VPS virtual private server is a great way to test new web applications you’ve developed. It doesn’t carry the higher price tag that comes with any dedicated servers within the Kingdom and Gulf, but it does give you an independent and isolated test environment for your apps.

We give the full flexibility and easy administration

With K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG you can choose from a range of widely used world-class Linux and Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2016 and 2019. Root access means total control of your VPS Server that’s total power to those who are hungry for power: change any file and install server-wide applications for your convenience, and fully customise your own server to the needs of your project and business.

Our Plesk Obsidion server management software also enables you to control your server conveniently and securely at your own pace one again that’s the power of K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG VPS Server.


The latest K® cloud technologies

K® gives you maximum VPS performance ensured by the latest-generation of K® cloud hardware — including Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and 100% latest SSD storage.

VMware virtualisation and redundant SAN storage guarantee maximum resource availability, while the intuitive K® (KENZIE) OF SAUDI GULF HOSTING cloud control panel streamlines VPS server management.

K® (KENZIE) OF SAUDI GULF HOSTING — Your website hosting and cloud partner

Scalable web host, server, and cloud products for all the stops along your online digital journey.


WordPress installation

Root server

Extended SSL validation certificate

SQL server hosting

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain extensions Cheap domain names Saudi, Gulf, Middle East

Secure FTP hosting

.sa, .com.sa domain names of your choice

Your Website Responsiveness; Desktop PC, Windows Laptop and Smartphone Cheap websites

what our customers say

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How can I access my VPS (virtual private server) resources K®?

Access to your server never been easier and is available through the following means:

Linux VPS: via an SSH encrypted server connection
Windows VPS: via Virtual RDP.

Should any problems occur with the server network or firewall, a KVM console is also available in the cloud VPS panel to help ensure access 24/7.

What are typical use cases for VPS web servers K®?

If you decide on one of our VPS (virtual private server) plans, you will have access to an operating environment of your own without of sharing with anyone else and that is tailored to support your web application or software needs. You’ll be able to install any apps by yourself in no time, via your root server access. Typical use cases can include the following:

Website server
Email server
Shop/eCommerce server
Web and App Development server.

Our customers can also use our VPS virtual private server for both private and business purposes within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Middle East regions.

How about my own VPS server image K®?

Your server image is installed directly on your virtual private server. You can change operating system at any time when reinitialising, giving you more flexibility and power.

Is there any backup service in place or available K®?

It goes without saying that there is a backup function available on your VPS server. You only pay for the storage space needed for the backed-up data of your site.

Will I be fully protected against DDoS attacks K®?

Complete and comprehensive protection against this type of attack is not possible, our expert engineers however take a variety of measures in our high-security data centres to protect your site data, customers data, and infrastructure in the best possible way.

Can I use Docker K®?

 For security reason a Docker image is not available as an option from our cloud panel. However, you can download and install Docker on your own terms via Plesk or with root access (e.g. GitHub) to the private server.

A VPS virtual private server and WordPress – does that work K®?

Of course, definitely. You can order one of your virtual private servers and use our ready-made WordPress image, which can be installed from your cloud panel with a 1-click of the mouse. Or alternatively, you can use the WP Toolkit to help create the blog you’ve always wanted and dreamed.

How does the setup process of the server operating system work exactly K®?

The installed K®;s operating systems on our VPS are already preconfigured for our customers. The most common functions and programs for each particular versions are available immediately, so you can start to install and configure your own apps without the need of waiting.

Do I get my own SSH access K®?

 Yes citizen it is already included with all our Linux VPS products.

What is the difference in between VPS and webspace hosting K®?

Webspace hosting gives you a predefined “playing field” on which the only functions available have already been managed by the VPS server provider in the Kingdom, Gulf and Middle East regions. And the only limiting factor for any users with a virtual private server with root access, however, is the choice of operating systems as well as Linux VPS and Linux Root access. Further server options and performances can be changed by using any number of available software services that are compatible with the pre-installed OS.

At K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG our expert engineer are often asked whether a virtual private server is faster than shared web hosting options, however it’s impossible to provide a general answer. There are many powerful hosting plans with faster computing resources than that of a VPS at K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG. But of course, the differences, however, lies in the fact that K® VPS Virtual Private Server services offer your own guaranteed server resources (computing power), whereas shared web hosting products can influence the number of resources available for other shared customers and ultimately for real only represent theoretical values and the choice is always yours citizens of the Kingdom, Gulf and Middle East regions.

Some terminology can be quite confusing – can you please clarify?

Occasionally within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Middle East users, we are asked to explain some of the following questions and terms that’s used for Linux VPS and Linux root server:

What is the difference between a “Linux VPS” and the terms “Linux root server” and “managed VPS server”?

The term “Linux virtual server” refers to the type of server (virtualised private server). The term “Linux root server”, on the other hand, describes the way in which the Linux root server system can be accessed. Linux Root access means that the administrator has unlimited control and power over the server system.

“Managed VPS Server” means that the hosting service provider provides and administers the server operating system (server security updates, server patches, etc.) and the user cannot select or install another operating system. The customer has the option to install and use the applications provided. Server administration knowledge is therefore not necessary from the customers whatsoever.

What about if I ever need multiple IPs K®?

You can certainly activate additional paid for IPv4 addresses or alternatively, a free IPv6 subnet for your website project is viable without any cost to you.

How long does the entire configuration phase of my virtual private server (VPS) take K®?

As the general rule of thumb, setting up a virtual private server (VPS) is done within minutes – 90 seconds being our most targets. For larger hosting projects however, like with an OS that uses a lot of memory – the installation phase may take slightly longer but we try less than 5 hours at the top.

What features can I expect with my virtual private server VPS K®?

The following questions regarding the features of K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG VPS solutions are frequent within our customer base in and around the Kingdom of SAUDI Arabia, Gulf and Middle East:

Can I rent a VPS with Plesk?

The answer is “Yes” of course, you can install Plesk free of charge if you’d like.

Can I get a VPS server with one or more domains K®?

As you like of course you can, our users can add any number of domains to your contract for a small fee.

What if I have a special requirement regarding my storage technology and space of my VPS Server K®?

All our VPS packages include SSD memory as standard.

The following special feature: your memory is not stored locally within the hardware that’s containing the CPU and RAM components of your VPS. Instead, our users receive SAN (Storage Area Network) memory of their own, i.e. a network of SSD memory that is separated physically from the actual VPS server unit.

The advantage is: higher data security through your own redundant storage. Compared to classic HDD storage, there is also a speed advantage when loading your websites or web applications. The IOPS (input/output operations per second) and the read/write speed of data is thus significantly higher using our VPS.

Does the VPS server come with a pre-configured email functionality K®?

It certainly does with our server. K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF offer you our very own mail system, which is also available as a feature in many of our other hosting products (e.g. shared web hosting). If this is not enough, you can install another mail service on the top of your own private server via Plesk or with root access of your own.

I handle large amounts of data for my clients, so security is very important to me– how am I protected from viruses and malware K®?

Actually, as you receive root access of your server, you have the control to secure the system by yourself. And this can be done with several compatible, widely available antivirus software packages (not included) from online.

Do I need to worry about my SSL Certificates K®?

Absolutely there’s no need or a reason to worry as all VPS plans come with an included Wildcard SSL Certificates.

Are there any limitations to the traffic on my VPS server / web site K®?

 No, not at all, there are no restrictions on your Linux or Windows VPS Server. Our Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Middle East VPS Virtual Private Servers are extremely cost transparent.

I tend to prefer Linux VPS, would you recommend that I use Debian or Ubuntu K®?

That depends entirely on your personal preference and your likes. Linux VPS offers you a variety of possibilities so your not stuck with technicality. But having said that, a blanket recommendation is not possible as it depends on individual use cases and case by case.

Can I use Java, ASP.NET, or PHP on my virtual private server K®?

Yes of course. All our VPS hosting solution is offered as a root server JustASK!, which means you can use any programming language or install any application as your please yourself citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region.

What support services do I have access to with my VPS virtual private server contract K®?

Details of the scope of our expert and reliable support can be found in the following:

At K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG our goal is to ensure the reliable operation of all our customers servers, as well as provide assistance with all K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG interfaces, products, and related questions.

For all K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG Server products, we support the K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF user interfaces, the server hardware, the K®’s network and DATA Centres, and any software included with base server installations.

Please contact our award-winning 24/7 support to request assistance anytime. You can reach us at +966 1234 56789. Our highly experienced engineers and representative will determine the feasibility of your request and provide a cost estimate for services outside the scope of support (if applicable in some areas) we are always here to help JustASK?. And of course, Servers with Root or Administrator Access can also ask any support we keep our doors open for everyone from tech guru to none administrative server level.

And what about the difference between a “virtual server”, “cloud server”, and “dedicated server” K®?

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG our virtualised server combines both physical hardware that is broken down into separate server systems with the help of our software. These servers can then be used and shared by several business users. In fact, the resources available in our actual server (CPU, RAM, and memory) are divided for all customers as per their requirements and their packages so they don’t have to pay the earth.

So now Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are servers that the customer receives on the whole nothing is taken away all theirs no one else will be sharing or leasing with them. Comparable to any laptop or a home PCs, the installed operating resources/components/hardware (CPU, RAM, memory, network access, etc.) are available to be exclusively used by one business user.

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