The highest level of authenticity.

Starting at 500.00SAR/yr

1000.00SAR/year when you renew**

As of 01/01/2021 SSL certificate terms cannot be issued for longer than 13 months. K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF will reissue your certificate before the validity period expires when longer term lengths are selected at the time or purchase.

Pair your business name with K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF EV SSL certificate.

Websites that receive an EV SSL certificate are those that have been seriously vetted by K®. That means, once domain ownership is established, then your business identity, legal status and address are verified on K® Verification system. Then, you get the secure padlock icon in your browser address bar and company name highlighted in green.

With K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF You can Increase traffic and sales.

According to a CA Security Council study, only 2% of customers proceed past an “untrusted connection.” An EV SSL prevents these types of security errors that drive customers away from your business site and go to other websites they can trust with confidence.

With K® EV SSL you can Show your customers they’re safe.

The lock in your visitors’ browser proves your site is authentic and safe DATA.

Why K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF?

Fast service: Get a certificate in as few as less than a week. *
K® have made the extended validation process easy and can issue you your EV SSL certificate in as few as less than a week so the process take days not weeks.

K® has got you covered, 24/7x 365 days a year

K® dedicated and export security team is ready to answer your questions or get you set up so you can focus on running your business, so you have less to worry about we are in business to make your site safe.

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULD can Protect all your websites.

Multiple-domain EV SSL certificates are available to protect all your business sites, saving you time and money just focus on your business and do what your best of.

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF has made it easy for you to choose the right SSL certificate.

Best suited for:
Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Personal websites
Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Organizations and business websites
Extended Validation (EV) SSL CertificateExtended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Organizations and business websites

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Frequently asked questions

Why are SSL term changes happening K®?

Starting on 01/01/2021 SSL/TLS certificates cannot be issued for longer than 13 months (397 days). Any SSL certificate bought after this date from K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF will have the new term length applied and those bought before will be grandfathered in. For more information check out our blog article that goes into more detail around the term change and K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF’s response.

What is an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate K®?

Extended Validation (EV) is the highest class of SSL Certificate available. It uses the same powerful encryption as other SSLs, but getting one requires a thorough vetting of the applicant’s business. Only those businesses that pass this process will receive K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF EV SSL Certificate in GUFL region. 

Before K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF grants an EV Certificate, one of our senior and compliance managers verifies that the business listed on the application is:

  • Legally registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region
  • Currently in operation in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region
  • At the address listed on the Company House
  • At the telephone number listed at the Telephone Directories
  • Owns the website domain name at the time of the EV SSL application

You will need to pass K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF vetting process every two years to keep your Extended Validation (EV) SSL. Any business that sells products or accepts payment information online should use an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.

Who can get an EV SSL?

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are only granted to the following organisations, businesses and corporations:

  • Incorporated or limited liability companies that are legally registered with a “Good Standing,” “Active,” or equivalent status. 
  • Business entities such as general partnerships, unincorporated associations, DBAs and sole proprietorships.

How will my customers know my site is protected by an Extended Validation SSL K®?

Now days nearly everyone has had the experience of almost buying something online, only to leave the site before submitting their order because they didn’t feel safe when they were making their purchase.

Any website protected by an EV SSL will display a padlock and HTTPS prefix. It shows online shoppers they’re on an encrypted website and that their credit card information and any other sensitive data they’ve submitted are safe and secure.   

What's the difference between an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate and Organisation Validation (OV) or Domain Validated (DV) Certificates K®?

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF our Domain Validation (DV) Certificates are easiest of all the certificates to get. There is no manual identity check, only an automated verification that the applicant owns the domain behind the website. If you have a personal website or blog, a DV SSL Certificate is fine for you to apply with us.

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF Organisation Validation (OV) Certificates take security up a level and require human verification of your organisation’s identity. The same is true for Extended Validation (EV) Certificates, which verify not just your ownership of the domain name but also your business identity, legal status, and address of your company. The vetting process for the EV cert is more in-depth than any of the other Certificates, so EV SSL Certificates give customers far more confidence in your organisation. The increased scrutiny rules out the chance that a hacker or phisher could get an EV Certificate.

Why K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SSL Certificates?

We offer a complete range of certificates that comply with CA/Browser Forum guidelines. All our certificates feature:

  • SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption
  • Outstanding security support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Need help? Call or LiveChat to K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULD expert and award-winning support team at +966 123 456 7890