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90% of all cyber threats and attacks starts with an email attachment. *

For sure emails are the most exploited attack vector by a wide margin. 90% of all cybersecurity-attacks starts within an email around the world. Yet email remains a critical communication channels with no viable alternative in sight within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf regions. Securing it for many of us is the only options that’s available. The first step in any email security plan should be Comodo K® email signing certificates (S/MIME signing certificates). Whether you’re a sole proprietor within the Kingdom and Gulf region business or entrepreneur who needs your customers to know an email really came from you, or large financial corporation, and enterprise trying to tamp down on attempts to impersonate or trick your business at all levels – using our email signing certificates asserts 100% sender’s organisation and business identity and his message authenticity with confidence. All size of businesses can even encrypt their email’s contents. Historically we have learned, email signing certificates have been in use for decades by only the most security-mature organizations around the world. K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF years Comodo CA’s innovations over the past few years have changed the way that emails signing certificates completely. Comodo Email Signing Security (S/MIME) certificates have never been easier to deploy and manage – not to mention so affordable. It really is email security signing for the masses around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region…


Our email signing certificates gives more security and assurance.

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF Our Email Signing Certificates Digitally Sign Each and Every Email make sure you keep this in mind it’s always “Trust is treasure currency worldwide web for vast majority”. And Identity is a key element of that trust currency. When organizations and entrepreneurs within Gulf region send an email – or receive email – it’s imperative to know that its sender truly is who they say they are really. Signing all your emails is the most straightforward way to provide that assurance to all your customers around the world. When you securely sign an email – the real task that happens automatically and, behind the scenes – a secure digital signature is affixed to it with your certificate’s signing key for the organization. With K® Comodo you leverage Comodo CA’s universally trusted PKI security, the recipient’s email server client can easily verify the email signature’s authenticity, where it came from and display it prominently for the email recipient incoming mailbox.

Choose the Military Grade Advanced Email Security Plan That is Right for You.

Already have email with K®? Then look no further! Add Military Grade Advanced Email Security to your plan for just 75.00 SAR/yr per mailbox no actual physical security personal is required at all.


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SAR400 /M Sign Up
  • 25GB Web Space
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  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Ensures Email Authenticity (send securely signed email):

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF Ensures Email Authenticity Digital signing does far more than just assert your business and brands identity. After all, what good is a signed email if its contents can be altered by online cybers? When an email is digitally and securely signed, a hash function is carried out alongside your email to serve as a checksum. If any part of the email has been altered or tampered with by an online cybers, the recipient’s email client will know immediately and will alert the user that the email has been tampered with. Anytime someone receives your digitally signed email, they will most definitely know it was really from your organization, and that the message is 100% authentic.

Our Comodo Email Certificates Sign

Our Comodo Email Certificates Sign and Encrypts your business Documents, Too Our Comodo Email Security aren’t the only thing a Comodo Email Signing certificate can sign for your businesses. It can also sign each individual documents and business files. Your can take the advantage of asserting the identity of the document’s author or the owner, while also validating its authenticity. Document signing offers another layer of security to critical business files, while also serving as an affordable at-rest and full data encryption option so you don’t have to worry at all whatsoever.

Our Two-Factor Email Authentication

K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF Two-Factor Authentication is your bulletproof and when deployed on your organization-wide level, Comodo email signing certificates can enable our high security two-factor authentication. Rather than shell out for an expensive physical HSMs, a Comodo Email Signing certificate can authenticate the user of the organization alongside a password or other input as assigned, allowing the organization to streamline two-factor authentication that cannot be compromised by any traditional means.

Further email security explained by our email security engineers.

While most website and eCommerce web owners aren’t aware of these email-born threats in some degree, we at K® are of course — and our advance email security engineers protects you against each and every one of them 24/7/365. Such as see below…


From any type of malicious software, including viruses, designed to damage or disable your computer, server or network within Saudi Arabia and around Gulf region of worldwide is also included meaning it could be from anywhere around the globe and doesn’t meant just Gulf region!


You don’t really need to be a rocket science” As the name implies, it captures and locks down your system until you pay the person who created it. That’s really scary heh but don’t worry our in-house email security engineers are here 24/7365 to protect your network infrastructure and your reputation.


Here’s the well-known Counterfeit emails that comes into your inbox and deceptively asks you to provide your password, credit card info, etc. They normally pretend they are your bank or one of the government departments tell you’re your account is locked because of suspicious access and ask you to click the link to login ouchhh…

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Further email security explained by our email security engineers.

While most website and eCommerce web owners aren’t aware of these email-born threats in some degree, we at K® are of course — and our advance email security engineers protects you against each and every one of them 24/7/365. Such as see below…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is K® Reseller Hosting different than the K® Basic/ K® Pro Reseller programs?

The K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller programs and Reseller Hosting are intended for different types of resellers and customers. With the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller programs, your customers use a white-labelled K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG storefront and shopping cart to make their purchases. K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG processes the payments on our payment servers and delivers your commission. With K® Reseller Hosting Server, you have more control of how you sell your services and how you bill your customers. You sell through your own storefront and process your customers’ payments directly. At this time, the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller Programs and K® Reseller Hosting are not integrated. That means you can’t manage customers that go through the white-label storefront from the K® Basic and K® Pro Reseller Programs in K® Reseller Hosting Server.

What is the buy rate that comes with K® Reseller Hosting and is it different than the buy rates for K® Basic or K® Pro?

The buy rate for resellers using K® Reseller Hosting is the same as the buy rates for the K® Pro Reseller Program. However, with K® Reseller Hosting, you can only resell domains and hosting. If you’re interested in selling more of K® (Kenzie) SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG’s products, you would need to sign up for the K® Basic or K® Pro Hosting Reseller Program.

What is the business hosting platform Reseller Hosting is built on K®?

K® Business Hosting is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution that delivers the same power and performance as a VPS without the need of server administration. You get all the RAM, CPU and bandwidth you need without having to be an IT pro to manage your server. Unlike a shared hosting platform, Business Hosting provides more consistent performance and better security with dedicated memory and disk-space resources so your customers websites aren’t affected by activities on other resellers’ customers’ websites.

Does Reseller Hosting include the white-label storefront that comes with the K® Basic or K® Pro Reseller Hosting?

Unfortunately, NO. K® Reseller Hosting is meant for resellers who want more control of what they sell, how they sell it and how their customers pay. Resellers using K® Reseller Hosting sell their products and any packages they create on their own storefront, then bill or process customer payments directly using their own merchant accounts or payment gateways.

With K® Reseller Hosting, who will provide customer service to my customers K®?

As a reseller on K® Reselling Hosting, you’ll provide your own expert customer service if you prefer or we can take care of from Sales to Billing and Technical Support 24/7x 365 days a year.

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