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As of 01/01/2021 SSL certificate terms cannot be issued for longer than 13 months. K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG will reissue your certificate before the validity period expires when longer term lengths are selected.

DV SSL certificates: a trusted level of domain validation.

That’s right, a website with a DV SSL certificate is a recognized trust-indicator because it means your site ownership has been seriously vetted and is verifiable to anyone who visits your website.

DV SSL certificates improves your Google search ranking.

You’re in luck. Google search recognizes sites with SSL certificates installed and rewards them with higher search results ranking than sites that don’t have an SSL certificate. Now, that’s a win-win.

Increase traffic and sales.

According to a Certificate Authority (CA) Security Council study, only 2% of customers proceed past an “untrusted connection.” A DV SSL cert prevents these types of security errors that drive customers away.

Why K® Gulf Hosting?

Get a new certificate in minutes.

We’ve made the validation process so easy. We can issue you your DV SSL certificate in minutes – literally.

We’ve got you covered, 24/7.

Our dedicated security team is ready to answer your questions or get you set up so you can focus on running your business.

Protect all your websites.

DV SSL certificates are available to protect multiple domains and multiple sites. So, if you have more than one, that saves you time and money.

We’ve made it easy for you to choose the right SSL certificate.




Best suited for:

Personal Websites

Organisations and business websites

eCommerce websites

Displays trust indicator in address bar

Auto-validation, issuance in minutes

Boosts Google® ranking

Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption

Padlock in Address Bar


Protects all subdomains (wildcard ssl)

Security trust seal

Personal websites

Managed SSL Service

Just as it says – we’ll manage it for you.

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Website Backups

Keep a backup copy of your website and data. Just in case.

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Website Security

Lock up your website. Keep hackers away.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are SSL term changes happening K®?

Starting on 01/09/2020 SSL/TLS certificates cannot be issued for longer than 13 months (397 days). Any SSL certificate bought after this date will have the new term length applied and those bought before will be grandfathered in. For more information check out this blog article that goes into more detail around the term change and K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG response.

What is a Domain Validation SSL certificate?

A Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate is the most basic of the three types of SSL certificates. While Organisation Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV) require multiple validation steps, DV SSL certificates require a single step. Plus, before we grant a DV certificate, we verify that the domain name of the applicant has been validated by proving some control over a DNS domain.

Is a DV SSL certificate right for me?

DV SSL certificates are very beneficial for those who want to quickly get a certificate on their site to build trust and ensure their visitors are protected.

What is the advantage of having a DV SSL certificate?

Validation is quick and easy with DV SSL certificates. If you’re able to prove DNS control for your domain, you can have a fully-functioning certificate issued within minutes and there’s no need to provide validation documents.

What does a DV SSL certificate look like?

Any website protected by a DV SSL certificate displays a small padlock and https prefix in the visitor’s browser bar. Although it’s not quite as eye-catching as the EV certificate’s green bar, it’s reassuring to those who know to look for it before sharing private details online. These signs confirm they’re on an encrypted site – and their data is safe.

What are the differences between Organisation Validation (OV), Extended Validation (EV) and Domain Validation (DV) certificates?

Domain Validation (DV) certificates are easiest of all the certificates to obtain. There’s no manual identity check, only an automated verification that confirms the applicant owns the domain behind the website. If you have a personal website or blog, a DV SSL certificate is suitable for you. Organisation Validation (OV) certificates take security up a level and require human verification of the organisation’s identity. The same is true for Extended Validation (EV) certificates, which verify not only domain ownership, but business identity, legal status and address. The vetting process for the EV cert is more in-depth than any of the other certificates, thus EV SSL certificates instil a greater degree of confidence to customers who visit your site. 

Complete Details

Why choose K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG SSL Certificates?

We offer a complete range of certificates that comply with CA/Browser Forum guidelines. All our certificates feature:


SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption

Outstanding security support

30-day money-back guarantee