Customer Centric

K® Kenzie's team delivers innovative web hosting and software that crushes local business complexity. From maximising customer lifetime value to streamlining service to boosting efficiency, we help local leading businesses and local brands solve hosting problems fast and transform for today and tomorrows world.

Server Uptime

Hosts rarely refund the service down-time but, K® Kenzie of Saudi does compensate you for any down-time and your server is always 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our service uptime Guarantee ensures by K® Kenzie Host is one of the key factors of our hosting plans hence its one of our most features in choosing K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf.

General Counsel

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Superior Support

Trust K® Kenzie expertise a trusted local technology partner to small to large-sized businesses. K® Kenzie collaborates with you to reconnect your business goals locally and internationally with our best technicians and latest server technology for your business needs. K® Kenzie of Saudi proven technical expertise helps our local partners minimise risk of down-time, increase profitability and focus entirely what they do best in their business.

Local to You

Colocation K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf solutions built on experience. Our Colocation Solutions we deliver highest quality, bespoke hosting services through a network of 15 facilities across the Gulf and Middle East region. This vast reach always allows your local K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf to be the flagship to provide great value, flexibility and scalability colocation center that matches your requirements and affordability by offering our locals half rack, quarter rack and full rack, K® Kenzie of Saudi makes it possible for smaller businesses to access the full benefit that come using large Local Data Centres.

Are you in the midst of those who are looking for hosting companies that are dedicated in ensuring that suitable customer services and technical support are offered? Dedicated Hosting Service in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Gulf and Middle East region would…

Are you in the midst of those who are looking for hosting companies that are dedicated in ensuring that suitable customer services and technical support are offered? Dedicated Hosting Service in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Gulf and Middle East region will ensure all your needs are met owing to its dedicated service solution arrangements.

Configured and delimited below are the logic because you should trust their services. Glimpse on each of the factors below so that you get the best of your host.

Your Local Hosting Partner

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Local Server Availability

The availability of online services that are reliable and fast shows how Dedicated Hosting Service in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Gulf and within Middle East region is dedicated in rendering efficient services to local and international clients. The local online services are available in both Arabic for locals and English for international thereupon furnishing a platform for all clients within Gulf, Middle East and international or without.

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Voted for customer centric and undivided time and attention

Dedicated Hosting Service in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Middle East region has got adroit technical engineers that is patient enough to investigate each enquiry or apprehensive posed by the client. They do this in unified coherent by ensuring that every client’s desires or requisite pertaining a service are considered and finally met in local and international levels.

Therefore, the clients are in consistency to enjoy maximum time with the technicians and customer care of our workforce. For instance, this can be they can ask them any questions for them to respond.

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Client satisfaction are met 100%

These firms see to it that each need of their clients is observed and are met to the customers satisfaction. Their dedication to client satisfaction makes certain that you obtain services according to your requirements and the amount paid to receive the service that is provided to you. The clients are given a chance to express themselves with regards to their requirements or any other questions they might have.

They become content when all of these are achieved upon completion of the technical support provided and project completed with satisfactory. You will have full satisfaction since there are no correlated disappointments. You however need to take some good time to assess and scrutinise each firm to make sure that it is worthy of it.


local data center in the heart of riyadh

Expeditious delivery of technical support and customer services

Everyone applauds, commends, and trusts a company that ensures technical support and customer services are delivered competently and on time all the time. Putting this into remuneration, this local company are dedicated to ensuring that you get access to the right services on time giving no room for hindrance. This not only warrants the client’s trust but builds a long-lasting business relationship with the local and international clients.

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