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SEO Riyadh

SEO Riyadh

SEO Riyadh
On Page Optimisation Keyword Location & Density

Seo Riyadh
Search Engine Optimisation in Riyadh

When determining a search engine optimisation company in Saudi Arabia and Middle East, it is extremely important to spend time studying about how they approach the on-page segment of a client’s website. On page SEO optimisation is a focus on optimising the content and other features of a web page in order to tell search engines like Google and Bing what the particular page is all about. Ask your potential SEO companies about how they proceed towards optimising on page segment.

SEO Riyadh

On Page Optimization Keyword Location & Density

Off Page Optimisation Build Your Web Authority

Needs Analysis Identifying Your Needs

Keyword Analysis Select Effective Keywords

Off Page Optimisation
Build Your Web Authority

It is important to select a SEO company which truthfully understands off-page features which can effect how well a website ranks in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Effective SEO companies create a extensive master plan for off-page which includes outlook of social, blog marketing, digital marketing, social bookmarking, and authoritative link building from relevant and legitimate websites around the web. It is also important to find a SEO company which best understands what your company does to guarantee a strong relevance between your off-page strategy and your business activities.

Active Installs

Needs Analysis Identifying Your Needs

Choosing a SEO company which truly understands what your business is about, and the needs of your business is principal to the success of your SEO campaign. It is necessary to ensure that your SEO company is asking the right questions about your business including asking questions about your past understanding with online marketing, your prospects, and what is most significant your company in terms of marketing.

Keyword Analysis
Select Effective Keywords

Keyword analyses concentrate on how the SEO company selects keywords to be attentive upon when creating content or establishing incoming links or bibliography to your website. Our analysis of a SEO company’s ingenuity to craft relevant and effective keywords ensures that the SEO company understands how to analyse a keyword’s volume in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo in addition to the framework of the selected keyword. Having effective keywords means having an successful SEO campaign.


Reporting Methods In-Depth Reports & Metrics

It is important that your SEO company reports to you the progression of your campaign on a rhythmically with enough information available to give you the overall picture. The companies we endorse offer their customers an inside look at their exertion to improve the search visibility of your pages based on the selected keywords. Reports should not only furnish a look at what has been done, but a look at where to go next.

SEO Jeddah

SEO Jeddah

We would like to thank you for contemplating our SEO Jeddah services. At K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO, we deem your website to be an important aspect of your overall business accomplishment. Think of SEO as the driving force to grow your sales profits. There are many Search Engine Optimisation elements and strategies, too many to even list on this page. Consequently, this is an action best left for experts to do for you.  Let our SEO experts assist you in ranking your site higher across search engine results as a result increasing leads, sales and growth in profits.


K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO launched its web development business in 2001 in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additional global offices in London, New Jersey, Spain, South Africa are now in place to meet the global demand for custom web design, App development and SEO Jeddah services.  When you consult with K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO, you consult with an award-winning enterprise for custom web design, bespoke App development, eCommerce and back end content management and payment processing, logos, software solutions, web analytics and SEO in the Middle East and beyond. Join notable K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO clientele such as PWC, Samsung, Al Rajhi, Al Ahli, Servcorp, Regus, Bitcoin, Panda Market, Bella Fashion and many other international firms and entities including airports, airlines, banks, governments, hotels, insurance firms, health care and luxury brands, manufacturers, shopping establishments, universities, charities, and hospitals.

On Page Optimisation

Keyword Location & Density

Off Page Optimisation

Build Your Web Authority

Needs Analysis

Identifying Your Needs

Keyword Anaysis

Selec Effective Keywords

Website optimisation Jeddah
Boost your Sales

Prospective buyers trust sourcing new business partners, products and services via the local web, so your website has to rank high in the local Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Search engines use complex algorithms to rank the desirability of your eCommerce website and its webpages given the keywords users choose to type into search boxes. Our SEO staff feature expertise in Google, Bing and Yahoo and other popular search engines around the world.  K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO experts stay on top of Google’s and Bing algorithmic changes and updates to make sure your organic website traffic is calibrating.

Conquer the competition by using our SEO team! Most local companies will source the majority of traffic from Google and Bing since they claim around 85% of the market share. However, there are other SE’s which may be of value to you including Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, AOL and the Local Arabic language search engines.  If you found our webpage from a search engine, then you know our SEO is optimised! Feel free to contact us today!

Active Installs

In search engine rivalry, everyone wants to stake their dominant on Google and Bing’s Page One. K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO Jeddah experts will strive to get you there. Our team will test run critical reports and evaluate bibliometrics, sharing full results and reports with you when you request. We take great satisfaction in our consultative partnership approach and focus on client Return On Investment. Yield the top with K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO!
Do not delay. With SEO, it is very critical to get started today! Reach out to us via phone +966 122 88 97 99 or email at mail@kgulfhosting.com or request a quote. K® Kenzie of Saudi Gulf SEO looks forward to aiding you and increasing your business profits!

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The transparent distinctive and fair infused plan that is designed to accommodate all levels of business complexity and its requirements particularly, from a start-up entrepreneurship to large multinational enterprise corporates alike.

SEO Riyadh

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Development Support
Profit Growth

During the entire project timeframe our dedicated developers will maintain direct contact with the client to ensure every little detail and milestone is completed as per the client’s requirement and get 1 year of free technical support since the launch of the project!

SEO in Saudi Arabia

SEO in Saudi Arabia

SEO within Saudi Arabia in 2021


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia business and economy is a booming and flourishing on its online market in the Middle East and Gulf region with a vast amount of opportunity for those start-ups Entrepreneurship looking to market their ideas, products, and services within the region. In this article we will discussing some of the facets of reaching out a Saudi Arabian audience with your search engine optimisation SEO efforts. Of course, having said that no one article can sum up all the SEO and Digital Marketing strategies for reaching an audience in the KSA but here we will go through into main 6 keys to Saudi Arabia SEO and Online Digital Marketing.


First and Foremost Domain Name – .sa and, .com.sa

As with any other country in the worldwide Web you can gain a great advantage in Google.com.sa by having a .sa or, .com.sa domain name. Google gives special priority treatment to local websites when determining which websites to rank higher on the first page in their local search engines. This is typically to give local businesses the advantage they would have in the physical world in their business and industry. You might already have a domain name registered for your website and you might only have a plan on targeting Saudi Arabia, you also want to consider changing the geographic target setting in your Google geo targeting and Bing Webmaster Tools account to Saudi Arabia. If you are targeting more than one country with your website expert SEO do not recommend making this change at all. Also, please note to consider that some or all Saudi domains have special restrictions that will only allow businesses that have a physical presence in the country or owned by Saudi Arabian Endogenous in which case can register the domain so make sure to check with your domain registration company for more insight informative information to make your decision based upon.


Contact K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO today if you are interested in a starting a successful Arabic SEO campaign focused on Saudi Arabia.

The Second Key-point the Arabic Language

Even though many Endogenous of Saudi Arabians have acquired the English language in recent years, most of the population only speaks Arabic. Considering this fact, Arabic SEO is extremely essential to reaching out Saudis, both young and growing age across the Kingdom. This will honestly mean having high quality Contents, Titles, H1, H2 and H4 across your page contents, Meta Descriptions, ALT texts, Images, Video and more in Arabic language. Also, knowing which keywords are being searched for in and around Saudi Arabia as opposed to other countries in the MENA and MENAP region and incorporating those keywords into your online strategy can give you an advantage over the other competition.


The Second Key-point the Arabic Language

Even though many Endogenous of Saudi Arabians have acquired the English language in recent years, most of the population only speaks Arabic. Considering this fact, Arabic SEO is extremely essential to reaching out Saudis, both young and growing age across the Kingdom. This will honestly mean having high quality Contents, Titles, H1, H2 and H4 across your page contents, Meta Descriptions, ALT texts, Images, Video and more in Arabic language. Also, knowing which keywords are being searched for in and around Saudi Arabia as opposed to other countries in the MENA and MeNAP region and incorporating those keywords into your online strategy can give you an advantage over the other competition.


Moving on the Third Key-point Updating on Your Website Language

While Arabic is the most important language in KSA for reaching Arabic speaking consumers, English language is also as important in some contexts within the Kingdom. First many businesses work internationally or are run by native English speakers from other countries around the world though the business owner might be Saudi Arabian. Since English is the preferred language of the some of these low-level decision makers, English optimisation is essential to reach this demographic.

Additionally, wealthy Saudi and government supported endogenous academia consumers that were educated in English often prefer to use the internet in English. If you are looking to reach academic and wealthy consumers or if you sell high end luxury products you should optimise your eCommerce website writwritten in both Arabic and English contents.

Lastly, 35% of the population in Saudi Arabia are expats, that is about 9,9 million expats. Many of these expats rely on English language despite working in an Arabic speaking country. If you have a product or services that could appeal to these expats your SEO efforts in Saudi Arabia should include English as well as Arabic language.


Fourthly the Censorship’s impact on SEO


Globally, in most countries’ censorship would not be included in an article about SEO but you need to take account in this case of Saudi Arabia it needs to be mentioned. Each year online censorship appears to change and getting more sophisticated across the kingdom. If you want to show up in search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo in Saudi you need to avoid getting your website censored or blocked in KSA. The reason is that even if your website can climb to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo if users click on the link to your website, they will be redirected to censorship page all your hard-earned work is wasted please avoid and it’s imperative and one must respect and adhere to Saudi Arabian law of the land.



To add to these users are going to bounce back to the Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly when they see that the page is blocked then search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will assume your search result is not ideal, valuable and in breach of country wide compliance law so therefore your eCommerce website will quickly lose its dominance place on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For more about avoiding censorship and be compliance visit our Saudi Arabia Online Marketing Profile please?

Fifthly whenever Geo-targeting cities- Saudi Cities


If your aim on planning targeting cities within and across Saudi Arabia, you should not forget about geo-targeting for specific city and regions across the country. Some of the major cities in our experience it is worth shortlisting in targeting the following cities below.

Once you have decided which cities in the region you want to be targeting you should consider creating specific landing pages for each of the above city or ask experts like K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO engineers to create. And each of these pages should have titles and content that is related to both your offering and that specific city within. For example, you could have a page with the title “Riyadh Website and Mobile Application Development Consultant” all about the unique design elements that appeal to people within bustling Riyadh.  Avoid just saying the same thing on each of these pages again and again but consider how you might add unique value to your website visitors from this city. Examples of this to include such as discussing how your product or service is different for that city, adding valuable images, video or maps for that city, or even discussing unique attributes of that vibrant city. If you have a location or branch in that city be sure to add the address to that page of inside the actual HTML address tag.


Hosting your website in Saudi Arabia

This is a little difficult to do for some of the websites, but if you can host your website in the KSA it can give you a little bit of an advantage over web that is hosted outside the region we recommend you use website hosting providers like K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG.  Or if you cannot find a Saudi Arabian based hosting company you should at least consider hosting your website in the Middle East and Gulf region.


Mobile Version of Your Website


Consistently across most websites in various online eCommerce shop and industries we see mobile traffic comprising more traffic than desktop web versions. In some cases, we have seen websites targeting Saudi that get more than 90% of their traffic from mobile devices but not limited to the region also its reported high increase worldwide. In the light of this and the fact that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Arabic search engines they all favour mobile friendly websites version AMP in the search results, making your website mobile friendly is essential to your digital sales success with SEO company in Saudi and Middle East. Having a responsive website is also helpful and boosts your SERP’s but in addition to this you should also focus on getting your website to load fast on mobile connections in KSA. Aim for a load time of 2 to 3 seconds or even less by optimising your images. Remember that page load times will vary in different countries so to speak to some degree so make sure to check what your average page load time is for Saudi Arabia in your Google Analytics account or any other analytics which can be found on the internet if you search.

Contact K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO team today if you are interested in a starting a successful Arabic SEO campaign focused on Saudi Arabia.


It is also absolute to get links from other authoritative local sites

Links are an important part of any online SEO campaign but when you can get links from other authoritative websites in the KSA it is even better, and you have a more chance in your website rankings within the region. The fact that other Saudi website are linking to your site will make your website appear to be a leading authority in the country. As Google, Bing, Yahoo and Arabic search engines sees you are an authority and trustworthy henceforth you will typically start to see your website claiming up, your rankings improve within local search results. Note: this is tried and tested method! And please avoid trying to acquire links from low quality sites in the region that could get your website penalised for most search engines.  Instead, you should look for any opportunities to earn links from high quality websites. This will not be easy though, often but even one link from a trusted local authoritative website can have a much significant impact on your local rankings.


Always try to have video on your website

Saudi Arabia has the highest adoption rate combined of YouTube, Snaps, and other social media network in the entire world. Considering this it is very clear that video is an extremely powerful medium within the region.  If you have in-house experience video maker or even a budget to hire a professional local company as your extended department to create even a simple short video that explains your product or service video can be a very powerful tool for attracting Saudi based customers. Depending on your product or service YouTube or Social Media may or may not be the best place to have videos. Often it can make more sense to host your videos on a third-party video hosting service provider like K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG so video traffic is sent from search engines to your website instead of to YouTube or other media outlets. We would love to talk more in-depth unfortunately there is not enough space in this post to cover all about video SEO in full detail here, but we will try to address next time in-depth this topic in our future post. Regardless, video is a great way to reach Arabs and Expats in this country.

One of Authoritative Website is Maroof

The fear of online fraud in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Authorities set up a strict program to combat and verify the legitimacy of any websites in Saudi Arabia and it is called Maroof. Many of the top websites in Saudi like Souq.com, which was previously acquired by the giant well known Amazon.com, are registered with the website. Websites looking to do business in Saudi should consider registering with Maroof although it is not required by law yet. This may have an impact on SEO in KSA in the future, but we do not think it is likely to have an impact in the coming years for many businesses within Gulf.


2021 and Many Years to Come Saudi SEO Update

Given changes around the world as result of 2019, 2020 and 2021 global pandemic many companies are shifting their offline budgets into digital channels including content marketing, social marketing, and SEO search engine optimisation. With offline marketing channels like in person events being severely restricted globally and in Saudi Arabia, investing in SEO instead makes much more sense. This change could impact the level of SERP competition in the region as more companies compete for the same online real estate and online brokers.


Summarising everything, in a nutshell Saudi Arabia is a rapidly growing online market economy with tons of SEM opportunities. To effectively reach this market with your in-house or using other experience extension SEO efforts some of the key elements you should include in your online strategy are a local domain name, links from local authoritative websites, and local web hosting such as K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF HOSTiNG. Arabic website optimisation and video SEO are also important aspects of intuitively targeting this market.

Contact K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO team today if you are interested in a starting a successful Arabic SEO campaign focused on Saudi Arabia.

SEO Saudi Arabia

SEO Saudi Arabia





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K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF’s Jeddah headquarters is well-known for being part of Jedda’s top 3 web consultancy agencies. A specialist in the start-ups entrepreneurship and enterprise corporate SEO field with unfailing digital marketing engagement policies, we provide helpful, customised, reasonably priced services that are modified to satisfy your start-up entrepreneurs and enterprise corporate aesthetic requests.


Choosing K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF from the top SEO consultants to complete your website project means working with a team of highly talented and skilled SEO experts who have successfully accomplished 6000 projects for 89000+ Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Corporate in more than 100+ countries around the world.


K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO Saudi Arabia was established in 2002 by Cofounder Dr. Tiger Beasley. Under his European management and Cofounder of industry leading technology company FiBERLOGiX SAUDI GULF®, K® (Kenzie) of SAUDI GULF SEO’s quality experienced team is currently operating in offices all throughout Gulf, Middle East region, mainly in Jeddah, Riyadh, Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.


All our Gulf, Middle East and Global clients are highly intelligent and can conclude that an online business presence is a crucial factor in the success of every company to compete locally and globally. Regardless of whether your company is small, medium, or large-sized corporation, owning an efficiently built online web project is the finest investment for anyone’s business. In this high-tech 21st century generation, a business that is accessible 24/7/365 universally justifies how powerful the Internet is in this Date-and–Age.


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